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NG Level Icon Maker V2 NG Level Icon Maker V2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I really just wanted to say that this gadget is probably one of the most useful ones on Newgrounds because it's something that people could actually use.

It's very original and has a lot of functions for people to get creative with.

However, it would be nice if you could have the option of uploading your own picture and use this gadget to make it even more original. Also, for some people, it might not be so obvious what they can make unless they really get used to the style this is in. I also reccommend having more characters to work with.

Other than that, this is an actually awesome gagdet. I hope you make a version 3.

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smokinjoeevil responds:

A couple others have suggested the whole "uploading" your own images, or being able to provide a web-address to the file you want it to import. The only problems I see with that are the amount of porn people would upload/import to try and be funny/amuse themselves, and you kind of take away a bit of the surprise value of "How the hell did he MAKE that?" when viewing others submissions. I suppose I could make it so you can import/upload your own, but then take away the ability to share to the DB if it contains outside graphics or something... or maybe that defeats the purpose. I don't know...

And yes... I should have considered more of the submissions created and posted to the thread that was made for it for version 1. Most of the people ended up using Mr. T. So I should have clued-in from there that people liked making funny things associated with actual people/characters. I thought about including more... but didn't want to infringe on any of the creators of those characters ideas of what was appropriate for their character to be included in or portrayed as. I guess if either Mr. T or Chuck Norris coming knocking at my door about their portrayal in this, I'll just cry like a baby and beg them not to kick my ass.

FPA: World 2 FPA: World 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


How could anyone give a classic game like this anything lower than 10. Everything about it was excellent.

The graphics in the game were the best ive ever seen by far, especially the animation. It must have taken quite a while to do the coding for this.

You can slide, use momentum, grab on to the edge of platforms, and the way you aproach things make for different outcomes. That is something that i expect in console games, yet you managed to accomplish all of those things and fun gameplay in just 9 megabites. It also had many different small touches that you really have to find out for yourselves.

The character fancy pants is well done, but the enemies aren't as creative, and in a game like this, it felt awkward jumping on scribbles, when everything is is very creative and smooth.

It had its fare share of bugs occasionally, but it's usually unnoticeable and rarely affects gameplay. Especially since the game rarely asks you to slow down, unless you want to do the minigame.

The music bothered me a little beause it doesn't fit with the game at most parts. In a game like this, elevator music just doesn't flow.

In conclusion this game was awesome and it raises the bar for what platforming should be. It mixes humor, fast gameplay, and lets not forget some of the best platforming in a game.

This really encourages me to make flashes of my own... eventually.

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Deliver That Fulp Deliver That Fulp

Rated 3 / 5 stars

What to Do

type: deliver in the start menu -- Just cant wait
suicide -- Goodbye world
push -- Wrong way
xyzzy -- XYZZY win
let time run out -- Your too slow
take blindfold
use blindfold -- prevents Thats disgusting
take pills
take gloves
take april
use pills -- prevents Cant concentrate
wear gloves -- prevents Filthy hands
pull - - Hercules
pull gently -- Its a boy!

The game is pretty original, but it does lack the choice of variety for the word use, and actual animations. I dont know how to get the other medals.

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Crunchdown Crunchdown

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Bugs (youre probally tired of this):
*+Sometimes about 2 times out of 10 i get stuck at the mall's gym.
*+When i try to eat the black guy i turn invisble and immediately killed
*+when i eat the boxer even when the time i can use the power runs out, i still have the gloves on.

Overall i thought the game was cool, but the main character should have been Kirby. The text of the cutscreeens were really boring, unrealistic, and painfully long. The drawing of the backgrounds were solid, but the animation and the drawings for the characters are lazy and sometime blocky. I did like how much depth you put into the weapons and edible objects.

*+right after you die run straight towards a large group of people and eat them.
*+Look carefully at the objects you are eating, some are traps.

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Chao garden DMGF Chao garden DMGF

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I looked around and I played the game for about 5 minutes and the only things you can do are go to sleep and walk around, but I liked the song.

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MERGAN responds:

lol dude

Alien Hominid Alien Hominid

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It was hard for me, but very addicting. i actualy played the console version and it is awesome. I played dis version of the game so much and i still love it. i agree dat it needs more unlockables and weapons though.

Conversion Calculator Conversion Calculator

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It could use more options like liqid conversion and more options also for meters and weight. But overall its okay.

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P0NG - Genesis of Fun P0NG - Genesis of Fun

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Dis 2 plyer game is too bland. Evn if dis is a remake of the original u could make it more original and in color. Its just not good enough.

Ultimate Stick Suicide ! Ultimate Stick Suicide !

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Srry but... bad animation and it could be a good game. Everything else was really flawless , but the movements. Make a better version when you have a little more experience.

Moosh'd Anime Tutorial 2 Moosh'd Anime Tutorial 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


My drwings were pathetic and thn I tried MOOSH. Now my drawings are great. It is areally simple tut, but you should practice on the body.

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