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Tom Fulp, Share Your Chicks! Tom Fulp, Share Your Chicks!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Anyways. This is by far one of my favorite songs on NG, and its not just because of good ol' Tom Fulp. The lyrics themselves were very well thought out and hilarious, and it really didn't seem too random or out of place.

Your actual singing was very fun to listen to and the sound quaility was brilliant.

I hope to hear much more from you on NG. Im actually surprised how this is only your first submission here and already my favorite.

PS. I've actually heard this song before today, but i was too lazy to review and ask if i could make a flash about it. Please PM if things change with killpie.

CountBoogie responds:

Thanks, and feel free to use this in a flash, just keep me updated with its progress!

The Voice Actor's Creed The Voice Actor's Creed

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I didn't actually think this was too well done.

The sound quality for the most part was very clear but, i didn't think the voice acting was all too great. It might be just my opinion but, i didn't see too much of a change in your range. Most of the voices you did, again in my opinion, sounded very familliar to each other, and the high pitched voices were uncomfortable for me to listen to because it sounded like you were forcing yourself to go beyond what you're capable of.

Also the lower pitched voices weren't too good either. Im not sure how to describe it excatly, but its coming out weak but still very overexaggerated.

I thought the humor was strong at most part and it looped perfectly from beginning to end.

Overall: Although im not a voice actor myself it felt as if the voice acting was nothing more than you just being goofy. I reccommend that you get some more practice and keep trying, youll get it right soon.

-The Review Request Club-

ForNoReason responds:

Yeah, its me testing some voices out. They are not fully fleshed out yet, but ill keep working on it. Thanks for the advice.

::Z::Historic Moments ::Z::Historic Moments

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool but i can't download

ireally love this song, especially at the end and in the begining. I didn't like the middle becaus i thought it was too long and sort of weak but who cares. Another thing i did like was that i could imagine my school band playing this song, which they would never do. I, like many people, thought the trumpets were a good touch. and i hope to see a finished version of part 3, which so far sounds like the best one yet.

Oh right the download. how come i can only download 13 seconds of the song? I never had problems downloading NG songs before. If you could put your historic momment songs on free mp3 sites or limewire or something it really would help, Thanks!

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Three Little Words by Id of Oz Three Little Words by Id of Oz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I was impressed at how original it was and it reminded me of Eminems raps. I think that everyone is talking about the lyrics, though. They were hilarious and they also told a story about love. And the beat was amazing, especially because it went with the song perfectly

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