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REMEMBER: we all know this flash sucks. Don't get carried away and leave hateful comments... unless you really want to.

Wow. this really annoyed me to a point where i thought i might just go mental, but, as bad as it was; i really had a good kick out of how you know that you were going to get spam and hate for this, but you stuck through it and just said "fuck it". It really did look like you enjoyed doing it.

To be honest though... because this wasn't a flash, so i have to judge this on how well you filmed it. The quality itself is pretty low considering this was made in 2008. And also you would think because it was so short the dialogue wouldn't bother me. But it did. I don't know wether its because your balls haven't dropped yet or because the line that you said just made me want to punch everyone in the face, but it was just terrible.

The next things that pissed me off was your facial expression. I dont know if you thought it would be funny if you looked like a queer retard, but it creeped me out. Your eyes never left contact and your ugly ass smile is just forever engrossed in the back of my head, along with the line, "hey everybody lets have a party!".

Overall. I actually favorited this. As annoying bad as it is, it actually makes me laugh to read all the comments that you're getting. And that line is just so terrible that it actually makes me smile.

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This was completely hilarious in a cruel morbid kind of way.

The choice of music was good in this sumission and the drawing of the character himself was pretty creative. The transition into being a sprite and back was seemless and the changing background was great. If it was longer you would have gotten a higher score, but right now 8 is pretty fair.

Also what was that line that was said? I couldn't make it out.

TheBoogley responds:

I think an 8 is pretty fair too... for now :3


This has got to be one of the best flashes ever made. It takes a very talented storyteller and artist to make me care genuinely about what might happen to him.

At first look, i thought it was going to be just violence and gore (which it was), but you also added so much more to that. Every scene felt very professional; at most times i wasn't even aware at how ridiculous it must seem for ninja rabbits to be fighting samurai bunnies, because it was so smooth and well animated.

The cinematic look was very well used; it really looked like watching what a samurai movie from the 70's should have been like.

I really like the choice of music in this and how well you timed them (especially at the tense moments where there are extreme silences and only sound effects).

This movie had me bought about halfway through, but nearly lost me at the very end. I like the idea of him going into rage, but, was it really neccessary for him to be able to fly and look like a super sayan? Also, why was the main villain so happy all the time, it was cool at first, but it would have been nice to see a change of expression when the bunny went into full rage. It should be along the lines of "Holy shit! Im out!"

I know it's near impossible to do, but it would also be nice, if the MC struggled just a little more, when fighting the side villains. It would make for a much more interesting final fight.

I can't really say there was any anime influence in this because, i am a naruto fan, so it's better not to even mention any similarities.

Overall, my favorite flash of 2009 so far, must be Bunnykill 4. It strays away enough from the past movies in this series, and added much more to the character himself.

To some of the other reviewers: Im not sure if a bunnykill game would be a good idea, but i'd like to see it done anyways.

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Mottis responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review man.

One thing though; you said Flint looked 'happy'?
The characters don't even have mouths or eyebrows to show their real emotion =P

(unless you somehow though that their nose is their mouth O_o)

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I really just wanted to say that this gadget is probably one of the most useful ones on Newgrounds because it's something that people could actually use.

It's very original and has a lot of functions for people to get creative with.

However, it would be nice if you could have the option of uploading your own picture and use this gadget to make it even more original. Also, for some people, it might not be so obvious what they can make unless they really get used to the style this is in. I also reccommend having more characters to work with.

Other than that, this is an actually awesome gagdet. I hope you make a version 3.

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smokinjoeevil responds:

A couple others have suggested the whole "uploading" your own images, or being able to provide a web-address to the file you want it to import. The only problems I see with that are the amount of porn people would upload/import to try and be funny/amuse themselves, and you kind of take away a bit of the surprise value of "How the hell did he MAKE that?" when viewing others submissions. I suppose I could make it so you can import/upload your own, but then take away the ability to share to the DB if it contains outside graphics or something... or maybe that defeats the purpose. I don't know...

And yes... I should have considered more of the submissions created and posted to the thread that was made for it for version 1. Most of the people ended up using Mr. T. So I should have clued-in from there that people liked making funny things associated with actual people/characters. I thought about including more... but didn't want to infringe on any of the creators of those characters ideas of what was appropriate for their character to be included in or portrayed as. I guess if either Mr. T or Chuck Norris coming knocking at my door about their portrayal in this, I'll just cry like a baby and beg them not to kick my ass.


How could anyone give a classic game like this anything lower than 10. Everything about it was excellent.

The graphics in the game were the best ive ever seen by far, especially the animation. It must have taken quite a while to do the coding for this.

You can slide, use momentum, grab on to the edge of platforms, and the way you aproach things make for different outcomes. That is something that i expect in console games, yet you managed to accomplish all of those things and fun gameplay in just 9 megabites. It also had many different small touches that you really have to find out for yourselves.

The character fancy pants is well done, but the enemies aren't as creative, and in a game like this, it felt awkward jumping on scribbles, when everything is is very creative and smooth.

It had its fare share of bugs occasionally, but it's usually unnoticeable and rarely affects gameplay. Especially since the game rarely asks you to slow down, unless you want to do the minigame.

The music bothered me a little beause it doesn't fit with the game at most parts. In a game like this, elevator music just doesn't flow.

In conclusion this game was awesome and it raises the bar for what platforming should be. It mixes humor, fast gameplay, and lets not forget some of the best platforming in a game.

This really encourages me to make flashes of my own... eventually.

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What to Do

type: deliver in the start menu -- Just cant wait
suicide -- Goodbye world
push -- Wrong way
xyzzy -- XYZZY win
let time run out -- Your too slow
take blindfold
use blindfold -- prevents Thats disgusting
take pills
take gloves
take april
use pills -- prevents Cant concentrate
wear gloves -- prevents Filthy hands
pull - - Hercules
pull gently -- Its a boy!

The game is pretty original, but it does lack the choice of variety for the word use, and actual animations. I dont know how to get the other medals.

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Anyways. This is by far one of my favorite songs on NG, and its not just because of good ol' Tom Fulp. The lyrics themselves were very well thought out and hilarious, and it really didn't seem too random or out of place.

Your actual singing was very fun to listen to and the sound quaility was brilliant.

I hope to hear much more from you on NG. Im actually surprised how this is only your first submission here and already my favorite.

PS. I've actually heard this song before today, but i was too lazy to review and ask if i could make a flash about it. Please PM if things change with killpie.

CountBoogie responds:

Thanks, and feel free to use this in a flash, just keep me updated with its progress!


I didn't actually think this was too well done.

The sound quality for the most part was very clear but, i didn't think the voice acting was all too great. It might be just my opinion but, i didn't see too much of a change in your range. Most of the voices you did, again in my opinion, sounded very familliar to each other, and the high pitched voices were uncomfortable for me to listen to because it sounded like you were forcing yourself to go beyond what you're capable of.

Also the lower pitched voices weren't too good either. Im not sure how to describe it excatly, but its coming out weak but still very overexaggerated.

I thought the humor was strong at most part and it looped perfectly from beginning to end.

Overall: Although im not a voice actor myself it felt as if the voice acting was nothing more than you just being goofy. I reccommend that you get some more practice and keep trying, youll get it right soon.

-The Review Request Club-

ForNoReason responds:

Yeah, its me testing some voices out. They are not fully fleshed out yet, but ill keep working on it. Thanks for the advice.

Cool but i can't download

ireally love this song, especially at the end and in the begining. I didn't like the middle becaus i thought it was too long and sort of weak but who cares. Another thing i did like was that i could imagine my school band playing this song, which they would never do. I, like many people, thought the trumpets were a good touch. and i hope to see a finished version of part 3, which so far sounds like the best one yet.

Oh right the download. how come i can only download 13 seconds of the song? I never had problems downloading NG songs before. If you could put your historic momment songs on free mp3 sites or limewire or something it really would help, Thanks!

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Lol. Its a virtual buzz.

It looked like it was pretty well done, especially the backround. The colors are all mixed up together, but it doesn't seem forced or hurt when your eyes when u look at it.

I liked how you made the background blurry, but i think the blurryness of the cat was unneeded because he is the center of the piece and on the foreground. Its really good tho. Hope u get scouted soon.

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ADR3-N responds:

Thanks for the review! :)

I agree about the blurriness. I would've made it clearer if I wasn't extremely suckish at photoshop and if it wasn't 2:00 AM when I tried to do it. I hope I get scouted soon as well, lol.



this is my favorite pic you made cause of the awesome swords and the sweet glowing effects. It was all very well done and een the details, though few were very good.

Something seems off with the size of his upper body and the placement of his sash though. It looks like its the waist should be lower.

With a guy like this you should maybe do a web-comic.

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its a really well done picture, but it was way too light and missing a good background. The eyes, clothes, and hair look really good and even the shade,though light, is also very well done.

jars10 responds:

yeah i think its light too i may be becuse i made it whit a light pencil i'll make it better i promise >:D

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